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The Oklahoma City Zoo Visits the Rotary Club of Edmond

by Andy Lester
7/12/2011 2:40:00 PM

  When was the last time you visited the Oklahoma City Zoo? Statistically speaking, it could have been last year. Did you know that, according to the Zoo’s website, attendance for the year was 982,721, which topped its previous record by almost 150,000?

Our special guest this week at the Rotary Club of Edmond is Dwight Scott. For the past three years, Dwight has been the Executive Director/CEO of the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. Before taking his current position, Scott served as Assistant Director of the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, Curator of Mammals and Director of Animal Management at the Oklahoma City Zoo, as well as stints at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and at the Kansas City Zoological Gardens.
Dwight has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and also participated in an independent study of chimpanzee and orangutan behavior at the Kansas City Zoo. He is a professional member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, has served on the Ape Taxon Advisory Group Steering Committee, the Gorilla Species Survival Plan Management Group, and the Wildlife Conservation Management Committee, and is an accreditation inspector. He also serves on the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Board of Directors. In 2009, he was named as one of Oklahoma Magazine’s 40 Under 40.
Kathy and Dwight Scott have two children, Kristina and Kara. They live in Oklahoma City.
Please welcome Dwight Scott to the Rotary Club of Edmond.


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